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In 2009 we were awarded our Denplan Excel Accreditation. This recognises the very high standards of achievement and continued commitment to monitor and improve our quality of Dental Care, whilst maintaining

a practice-based Quality Assurance System. In August 2011 we became registered with the Care Quality Commission in accordance with legal requirements to act as a service provider. CQC Provider ID No:

1-152986295. Please visit the CQC website to read our report.

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G.D.P.R Policy
Confidentiality & Data Protection of Your Personal Information
We adhere to a strict “Infection Prevention Control Policy” which follows current legislation & guidelines for Cross Infection Control. We are regularly inspected by external auditors (CQC & Denplan Excel) to ensure that we comply with all current regulations.
This ensures we consistently achieve a very high standard of Infection Prevention Control and continue to maintain a high level of care in all aspects of dental care. This has been recognised by the British Dental Association, CQC & Denplan and as a result, we have achieved BDA Good Practice Guide & Denplan Excel Status. For full information on our “Infection Prevention Control Policy”
please contact the practice.


At the Wollaton Park Dental Practice, we take great care with all the Personal Data we hold, to ensure we comply with best professional practice, GDPR regulations & with the law. For a full copy of our Data Privacy Notice please ask any member of staff or see our notice boards.

In order to provide a high standard of care and attention, we need to hold personal information about you and keep comprehensive and accurate personal data, in order to provide you, with safe and appropriate dental care.

This information comprises of:

  • Your past/current dental & medical condition, personally identifiable information and your general medical practitioner

  • Radiographs, scans, clinical photographs and study models

  • The dental treatment we have carried out or propose to provide with estimates

  • Notes of conversations/incidents that might occur for which a record needs to be kept

  • Records of consent to treatment

  • Correspondence relating to you with other health care professionals                                                                                

Our Practice Confidentiality Policy states the requirement for maintaining Confidentiality and all members of

our team must comply with these safeguards as part of their contract of employment/contract for services

with the Practice. 


Only authorised members of the team have access to your personal information in accordance with the

principles of the Caldicott Confidentiality Guidelines as follows:

  • Justify the purpose of the proposed use or transfer of patient confidential information within or from an organisation which is regularly reviewed

  • Only use patient identifiable information when absolutely necessary and only for that specified purpose.

  • The need for patients to be identified is considered at each stage of satisfying the purpose

  • Use the minimum necessary patient identifiable information

  • Access to identifiable information is on a strict need to know basis whereby only the information required for the purpose is accessed

  • Everyone with access to patient identifiable information is aware of their responsibilities and obligations to respect patient confidentiality.   

  • The practice understands and complies with the law and with legal requirements.                                                           

Sharing Your Personal Information

Consent from patients is obtained when any personal information is to be used and then recorded on patient records. Patients have a right to choose whether or not to agree to the use/disclosure of their personal information and also to change their mind.

Any personal information used for one purpose will not be used for another purpose without your consent.

You have a legal right to know what information is being used and the purposes for sharing that information.

Any decision to pass on your information is the responsibility of either, your dentist or our Practice Manager

Marie Edinborough, our appointed Information Governance Lead. To comply with GDPR regulations the

practice employs an external Data Protection Officer.

We will not share your information unless:

  • You ask us to do so

  • We ask and you give consent

  • We have to by law

  • We have permission because the interests of the public are thought to be of greater importance than your confidentiality


We may share your information with:

  • When registering under Denplan

  • When referring to other health care professionals ie. hospitals, orthodontists, specialists etc

  • Dental laboratories

  • Insurance providers


We have a duty to:

  • Maintain full and accurate records of the care we provide for you

  • Keep records confidential and secure

  • Provide information in a format that is accessible to you


If you have any concerns:

If you are uncertain about how your personal information is being used or have any concerns regarding any aspect of the information in this leaflet, then please do not hesitate to speak with our Practice Manager/CQC Registered Manager Marie Edinborough, who will provide you with advice on your rights to confidentiality.

Raising a Concern or Complaint about our Service
We hope that all our patients are pleased with the service they receive at Wollaton Park Dental Practice and therefore take any complaint seriously.  If you feel the need to make a complaint, please let us know and we will ensure this will be dealt with promptly and courteously.  Our aim is to react to a complaint in the way in which we would want our complaint about a service to be handled and resolve any matter as quickly as possible whilst following our Practice Complaints Procedure.
A complaint may indicate a failing on our part, which we can learn from and make improvements to our service.  We ensure to adopt the utmost respect when investigating a complaint and especially where individuals are identified, with the aim of reaching a satisfactory conclusion. All patients, carers and relatives will not be treated adversely as a result of making a complaint.
The persons responsible for dealing with any complaint about the service we provide are our Practice Manager/CQC Registered Manager, Marie Edinborough, or alternatively, our Practice Principal Stephen Shaffery.
How to Complain
Directly with the Practice
We hope that most problems can be sorted out easily and quickly, at the time they arise and with the person concerned.  If your problem cannot be sorted in this way and you wish to make a complaint, we would like you to let us know as soon as possible – ideally, within a matter of days or at most a few weeks – because this will enable us to establish what happened most easily.  If it is not possible to do that, please let us have details of your complaint:
•    within 6 months of the incident that caused the problem; or
•    within 6 months of discovering that you have a problem, provided this is within 12 months of the incident.
Complaints about the treatment you received should be made to the dentist who normally sees you. Alternatively, you may ask for an appointment for Marie Edinborough in order to discuss your concerns. She will explain the complaints procedure to you and will ensure that your concerns are dealt with promptly. It will help if you are as clear as possible about your complaint.
Complain to NHS England Customer Contact Centre.
If you choose to complain directly to the Practice and you are not satisfied with the response you cannot then raise the issue with NHS England. The next stage of the complaints procedure would be to contact the Health Service Ombudsman. If you need any assistance in where to send your complaint, ask for advice from the Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALS).
What We Shall Do with a Complaint made directly to the Practice
We shall acknowledge your complaint within 2 working days and arrange a plan to resolve your concerns with you. We shall agree a timescale with you for resolving the issues and will explain how we will keep you informed of progress. We aim to have looked into your complaint within 10 working days of the date when you raised it with us but this can be influenced by how many staff we need to speak to and if any other organisations are involved in the complaint. We shall then be in a position to give you an explanation or offer a meeting with those involved.
In investigating your complaint, we shall aim to:
•    find out what happened and what went wrong
•    enable you to discuss the problem with those concerned if you would like this;
•    ensure you receive an apology, where this is appropriate;
•    identify what we can do to make sure the problem does not happen again.
For the Full Procedure please do not hesitate to ask any member of our team for a copy of our Complaints Policy.
Complaining on Behalf of Someone Else
Please note that we keep strictly to the rules of confidentiality. If you are complaining on behalf of someone else, we have to know that you have the permission to do so.  A note signed by the person concerned will be needed unless that are incapable of providing this because of physical or mental illness or are a child under 16 years.
Who to Contact
An NHS complaint can be made directly to the practice or alternatively through the Customer Contact Centre at NHS England. Tel No: 0300 311 22 33 Email:
Further Contacts:
If patients are not satisfied with the result of our Complaints Procedure then a complaint may be made to:
The General Dental Council: 37 Wimpole St, London, W1M 8DQ (the dentists' registration body) (020 7887 3800)
The Dental Complaints Service: (020 8253 0800) for complaints about private treatment.
Denplan Mediation Service: (0800 169 7220) for complaints about Denplan
The Independent Complaints Advocacy Service (ICAS) for independent and individual patient needs regarding complaints.
Information is also available from The Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman Millbank Tower, Millbank, London, SW1P 4QP  Tel: 0345 015 4033

A fee will be charged if an appointment is missed or cancelled without 24 hours notice. We appreciate there may be unavoidable occasions where patients need to cancel at short notice and this may be taken into consideration
Should you require Emergency Treatment during normal practice hours please phone the practice as soon as possible: 0115 9281635 If you phone before 10:00 we will be able to offer you at least one time for an appointment on the same day. If you call later than this we cannot guarantee an appointment the same day.
However, if you need urgent advice or treatment outside of normal surgery hours including Bank Holidays please telephone the Nottingham Emergency Dental Service on 111. There is an additional service available for our Denplan and Private registered patients and should only be used if the practice is closed and in cases of extreme emergency. For this service please telephone the practice where our answerphone service will provide this information.
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